​Here at Eau Pleine Kennels we provide a clean, safe, secure, and fun environment for your dog while they are staying with us. While your dog is here they will be well taken care of.

  • Your dog's kennel will be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of once a day, more often if necessary, accidents do happen! 

  • They will always have fresh water and be fed according to your instructions.

  • Our facility features indoor/outdoor runs for each dog and a large exercise area so your dog has plenty of room to stretch their legs.

  • Your dog will be let out for bathroom breaks and exercise a minimum of four times daily.

  • They will receive a minimum of 1/2 an hour of "house time" each day. During "house time" your dog is brought into our office where we can give them individual attention like they would get in the home.

  • Someone is on the premises 24/7.

Exercise Schedule
    1st Run - 6am
    2nd Run - 10am
    3rd Run - 4pm
    4th Run - 10pm
*This schedule reflects the minimum amount of times your dog will be exercised.  

Boarding Rates

    One dog - $16.00 per night

    Two or more dogs - $14.00 per dog, per night

    Weekly rate - $100.00 per dog, per week

For more information contact us by phone or email.



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